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We are the taco bros

From construction worker to commercial banker to restaurant owner. We the taco bros strive to make the best tacos in pueblo. It all started with a question. Can we? Can we start a restaurant from scratch and make it a success? Can we make the best taco in pueblo? Can we make the best restaurant in Pueblo? We decided to bite the 'taco' and get to it. We did not expect to open a restaurant during the pandemic but after remodeling and spending our savings on a vision we had, we couldn't just give up.

How have we survived?

Our mission to have the best tacos in Pueblo has not been easy. First, my brother lives in Denver and I stay with him. Yes, we have to drive 2 hours there and back every day to keep working and giving you our best. Second, I live in Oklahoma. I have my house there, my friends there, the rest of my family there oh and my wife that is pregnant! Boy, I must love my job. I do I absolutely love it! I'm so thankful I have a wife that is fully supportive of my brother and I to succeed. So if we can survive through this pandemic never having been over 25% capacity. We will survive anything. We will strive to be the best taco in Pueblo and the best Mexican restaurant in Pueblo.

Thank you Pueblo.

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