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Seared sirloin steak, grilled cheese, pico, avocado salsa, feta crumble

The Cure

Flambe shrimp, grilled cheese, cilantro slaw, quick pickled jalapenos, avocado, lime aeoli, salsa verde

Cheesy Veggie

Grilled cheese, seared jalapenos, fire roasted corn, pico, avocado salsa, feta crumble

Alaskan Reef

Pan seared wild alaskan pollock, pineapple salsa, avocado cream sauce, cilantro slaw, old bay

Pork Carnitas

Small batch pork carnitas, grilled cheese, avocado, salsa verde, feta crumble

El Pastor

Seared adobo pork, cilantro, onion, salsa verde, grilled pineaple

Fungus Amongus

Grilled portobello mushroom, avocado slices, cilantro slaw, salsa verde

Shrimp Boat

Annato marinated shrimp, cilantro slaw, lime aeoli, avocado slices

Greased Pig

Low and Slow pork butt guajillo sauce, cheese, cilantro, onion

Gone Fishing

Pan seared wild alaskan pollock, avocado, cilantro slaw, lime garlic aeoli


House marinated Portobello mleted cheese, salsa verde, red cabbage, cilantro

Loco Pollo

Marinated chicken breast, street corn, cilantro slaw, avocado salsa, guac, crispy cheese

Steak n Eggs

Sirloin steak, egg, cheese, avocado slices, pico, DeeAblo Salsa

Avo Good Day

Avocado, potato, cheese, egg, pico, fresh cut jalapenos, lime ranch

Rising Sun

Egg, pork carnitas, pico, avo salsa, DeeAblo salsa, crispy and melted cheeses

Carne Asada Fries

Hand cut fries topped with melted cheese, steak, mexican cream, guacamole, pico, feta crumble


House made tortilla chips, meat of choice, guacamole, cilantro slaw, pico, red onion, beer queso

Steel City Greens

Grilled chicken, pico, spring mix, street corn, lime ranch, avocado sala



Jalepeno Queso

Shrimp Queso

Mushroom Queso

Salsa Verde

DeeAblo Salsa

Cilantro Lime Rice